All I ever wanted to do from a very young age was draw and paint. I stayed on at school just long enough to get the minimum qualifactions to apply to art school. After my foundation year I embarked on a three year degree course in Information Graphics.  An evening class in drypoint inspired me to explore printmaking in more depth. I was able to do a regular course in printmaking alongside a succesful freelance career as an Art Editor on illustrated books.

I still get a thrill every time a print comes off the press, there are so many ways and combinations of techniques to explore, I don't think I could ever get bored. I work from my studio at the end of my garden, and also teach regular classes and workshops.

If you're working from home and missing London, these iconic

London buildings will brighten your workspace.

Hand editioned linocuts with a map background.

Looking for some unique art?

Choose from a wide selection

of hand editioned prints.

London icons, Landscape, Still life

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